A Client Case Study

Over the past few months I have been treating Sarah (name changed) for ongoing general anxiety and increased feelings of stress and low back pain. Sarah is mid thirties and has one young child. Working with Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy (BCST) over 8 sessions we looked at addressing several areas.

Firstly, after talking through recent life events, it became obvious that a recent health scare had made Sarah very aware of her own health, particularly now she is a mother. She was super sensitive to any changes in her health and was becoming tense, tight and nervous at any sign of an issue. She was convinced that her low back pain was related to something much more serious than a muscular issue.

Secondly, Sarah lived most of her life "in her head" - constantly worried and stressing about work, her relationship and her own health. Her thought processes were often "chaotic" - and would often involve lots of catastrophic thinking, leading to more worries and stress and lack of sleep.

Finally Sarah mentioned a significant issue she had had when she was a young girl and her parents had gone through a very messy divorce. Sarah could not help thinking that her own relationship was "doomed to end in divorce" and she found herself "going mad" thinking about this all the time.

As BCST is a mindfulness based therapy practice, we could address Sarah's issues from both a body and a mind perspective.
Initially we worked in a very gentle and non-invasive manner to start allowing Sarah's body to deal with and process the various stresses that were going in her life.
The body has an innate way of processing old problems once it is in a deeply relaxed state. Sadly, in the modern world, it is pretty tricky for most of us to be able to access these states and so BCST really comes into it's own.

After each session Sarah felt noticeably better, had much improved sleep and less tension in her low back.
We also looked at Sarah's "catastrophic" thinking - she was always imagining the worst in any situation. By introducing some simple mindful practices into her life, Sarah was able to significantly turn around her own thought processes.

Sometimes we are not even aware that our own thoughts are sabotaging our lives and Sarah found that, when she paid attention, her thoughts were inevitably very negative and full of "doom and gloom".

We gave Sarah some exercises to do at home and also encouraged her to keep a journal on a daily basis, to give her an idea of just what was going on at a real level in her life.

Over the course of our eight sessions together Sarah's life improved massively. Her anxiety and stress levels reduced, she had more energy and her body felt "completely different". She stopped worrying as much about her own health and her concerns about her marriage changed as well, as she began to understand that the thoughts she had were greatly influenced by her parents divorce thirty years earlier.
At Rebalance Clinic we work with the whole person, not just the physical body.

This work has profound impact for the whole of your being.