“Andre is an excellent Osteopath who I can thoroughly recommend. He has been treating my various aches and sports injuries for over 10 years and is the first port of call when something skeletal goes wrong. I am always recommending him to friends and family.”
- Michelle J

“I had a neck spasm which was really painful and went down my whole arm. I went to another osteopath for several weeks and nothing really improved. I decided to swap to Andre having heard great things about him and after just one session I could feel it getting better. He recommended products to help me and did not keep me coming back unnecessarily. Fortunately I have not had to visit him since but if I needed to I would go nowhere else.”
- Nicole B

“I was limping badly after twisting my ankle. After one session with Andre my limp was gone and I felt ten times better.”
- Mike B

“I see Andre due to historic back problems and he has given me back not only some height, but always reduces if not removes the pain. He is helpful, makes you feel welcome and NEVER uncomfortable. All my family see him – he is fantastic!”
- Steff M

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy:

"It's been several months since I started my sessions with Andre. In that time I have been well for the first time for a long period- in the 12 months prior to seeing Andre I had probably only had about three weeks when I truly felt well. People ask me to describe the sessions with Andre and I really struggle to articulate what they were.

All I can come up with after months of pondering is: It was a safe space for my body to just be. Each session was different. Although Andre uses a technique that others are trained in, I would be surprised if the technique alone would be as effective without the combination with Andre's authentic kind way." - Hannah Lord, Physiotherapist


"I have been working with Andre for the last 3 months or so and in that time Andre has enabled me to release some deep habits and beliefs that have manifested from past trauma. His care and knowledge have allowed me to venture into places I have kept hidden from myself and others for many years, this has released a new confidence in moving forward as me.  His continued support and guidance has been truly heartfelt, creating space for a deeper more authentic adventure to emerge.  

If you feel stuck, or bored with your conditioned beliefs then start this journey with Andre and you won’t look back.  I am so grateful for his work and presence." - Nicky Jenkins, Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher.


“I have found working bio-dynamically with Andre life changing.  Physically, a niggling neck and sacrum issue have eased after years of on and off discomfort. Energetically I am more grounded than I have been for a long time and this has positively impacted on my life, not only in terms of a deeper connection with the Earth but life has slowed down a little!  Emotionally and spiritually, I have also found my voice again and with that deeper connection to my truth and a more authentic way of living.

The process has been incredibly gentle in its approach and allows what needs to come through to come through in its own time. I cannot recommend Andre enough - he is inspiring and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”  - Emma Depres, Yoga Teacher


"Andre possesses an incredibly intuitive style when speaking with you and assists in extrapolating information buried in your subconscious. Andre has a knack of knowing when to support and when to challenge. The body work was a surreal experience and I was amazed with the impact it had on me. On identifying an element which I was struggling with, Andre focussed on a particular area of the body.

The process itself was credibly comforting and relaxing. Afterwards, I could certainly feel the difference in my body and my willingness to try and be more open. I wholeheartedly recommend Andre and the skills he possesses." - Pete Francis, CFO


“Andre was treating me for tennis elbow but he soon picked up that the real issue was my chronic stress – I was sat in his chair curled up like a spring in desperate need of unwinding.  After a number of traumatic experiences over the previous 8 years I had tried a variety of techniques to manage my stress and catastrophic thinking like mindfulness, meditation and yoga but was struggling to get out of my head and back into my body.  

Four months later after regular biodynamic/coaching sessions with Andre, I feel I am finally reconnecting, re-wiring and beginning to come out of my head and back into the world.  At the same time as releasing the locked-in stresses in my body, Andre has challenged my thinking patterns and given me tools to maintain my wellbeing.   

And my sleep is improving week on week, which is what I have been crying out for most of my adult life.  Andre’s approach is unique and special, and I would recommend him to anyone.”  - Jon Collenette, Managing Director. March 2017


“In February 2017, I’d been living with debilitating symptoms due to several chronic auto-immune issues for well over two years. Traditional medicine had taken me only a tiny way towards what I would call any semblance of health and I was extremely disheartened and confused about what to do next or how to find a way forward.

All I knew was that I believed that the human body has the ability to heal itself but I had no clue how or where to begin or even if I had the energy in me to begin to try. I was exhausted.Scrolling Facebook one night I saw a post from Andre about Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy and without really understanding how this could help me, I was hugely drawn to email Andre. The subject instantly fascinated me and I intuitively wanted to know more.

I know now that this was the pivotal point in my quest to find someone that could help me on my journey to healing....and man, what a journey it would turn out to be! Andre immediately put me at ease after that initial meeting and I felt completely safe in his presence during my entire 8 months of working with him.  He intuitively knew when to push me towards deeper exploration and personal growth, but this was always balanced with great care and attention.Each session was completely different and I quickly learnt that what needed to be dealt with and come forward for integration would be gently coaxed and guided into the open by Andre.  

I left each session with “homework” to help me integrate and heal after each step and it felt like a completely organic and natural process very quickly.  This helped me to understand why I’d become so very sick in the first place, how to understand this without judgement and how I could choose to create a safe place without Andre so I could also work on this alone.It is impossible to put into words what actually happens when you work with Andre; it’s something that is felt, not seen, and it’s revealed almost magically at exactly the right time in your journey with him.  

Andre was always available to provide support after our sessions by email, which was so helpful during some intense periods of work. I think to achieve the highest and best results you have to really trust both in yourself and Andre - If you can do this and not question the process and let it flow you will be led to the best possible version of yourself. Thanks to Andre and his skills as a healer and guide, I’m now living almost symptom free.  I feel lighter, calmer and have a renewed sense of optimism and joy about my future.  

I have literally dropped a lifetime of baggage and don’t feel trapped by negativity or self doubt, which was previously crippling me.  I feel empowered, grounded and free to move forward to explore new experiences in life. I’ll be going back to see Andre periodically to help support me when I feel I need it because frankly, the rewards from this process have been life changing for me. The financial investment I made in placing my faith in Andre is without a doubt the most important investment I have ever made in myself.  Trust me when I say this can and will change the way you see both yourself and life! Truly an experience I will never regret (or forget)."  - SJ, Business Owner, Nov 2017


"3 years ago I had a severe trauma. I was then stuck in a place where I did not want to be and was unable to move forwards on my own. On reading an article re Andre’s “Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy” work I decided to give it a go. 

Through the work Andre did with me over 12 sessions, he has taught me to examine my “feelings” and has helped release in body and mind, the blockages which were there. He was able to “listen through his hands” to the rhythms in my body and so initiate natural healing which I felt after each session. I could gradually see how the mind, body and spirit came together to give self healing. All this was a gradual process over all the sessions. 

I can thoroughly recommend Andre’s work. He has a mature but sympathetic and very quiet but understanding approach which gives one great confidence in what is going on with this therapy. He is willing to explain what it is about and how it works…and does so in a way which is very reassuring. 

He has helped me to get back my zest for life and has given me the skills to move forward and out of my trauma to a more balanced life. 

A big thank you Andre for enabling me to bring greater meaning to my life…you have guided me to a better place where I am able to get on with life in a happy way."  - WS, Retired Civil Servant, Nov 2017


"I have been working with Andre for the last few months on a program of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Having had quite a traumatic childhood and further issues as an adult I was left with a lot of anxiety and spent much time reliving events from the past.

I now find myself living in the present with a joy for life, I have more confidence and am rid of many habits that were once holding me back. Andre is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work, he has been very supportive and his work has made a huge difference to my life." TJ, Mother and Nursery Teacher