Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy:

Andre Duquemin works as a Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapist from Rebalance Clinic.

Having worked as an osteopath since 2001, Andre became interested in working at a "deeper" level of health in 2012. Whilst working as an osteopath allowed for work on a physical level, Andre found that it really didn't get to the levels with which he wanted to work - the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of health and well being.

BCST works by addressing "undigested life experiences" - that is, experiences that all humans come across in their lives which they are unable to deal with at the time. From physical trauma, through to painful parental divorce. From playground bullying to overwork and stress in the workplace. We all experience events that we find it difficult to deal with in a healthy manner. This means we end up cycling through various stress responses as we look to escape from the pain we are suffering from, unable to deal with the situation in a health manner.

Andre works with clients to allow these old patterns to breakdown and dissolve. Generally he sees clients for a longer period of time and also uses life coaching techniques to allow even deeper healing to occur.

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