Andre Duquemin works as a coach at Rebalance Clinic.


I started working as an osteopath in 2001 and then took my first coach training in 2006. Since then I have studied psychology, high performance, trauma resolution, mindfulness, bodywork and even shamanic practices. All of these were to help me get a firm understanding on just how clients progress; on just what helps people “heal” and move forward.

I have also been busy doing my own “deep work”. Over the past ten years I have worked with psychotherapists, coaches, bodyworkers and healers. I really believe that it is only possible to go “deep” with your own clients, if you are doing the “work” yourself. I am committed to this path and I don’t take my client responsibilities lightly.

For the past few years I have been working with my clients pretty much exclusively face to face, from my clinic in Guernsey. However I understand that now it is time to take my work to a larger audience. I have been studying how to deliver effective coaching and healing online with my own coaches and have started working with a few clients on Skype and over the telephone. The results have been profound - I really believe in the ability of this type of work to deliver excellent outcomes for my clients.

This work is particularly powerful for working with high performing individuals who are getting “stuck” in one or two areas of their lives. My current clients include managing directors, entrepreneurs, CEOs and small business owners. We work on relationships (both personal and work), finances, health/ wellness, social life - pretty much anything that can hold us back from living a more fulfilled and contented life.

I will still offer face to face sessions for clients from my clinic, but I am expanding my offerings to people who may not live on Guernsey, but who still want to make deep changes in their lives.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about how you could work together with me, is invited to send an email on the "contact" page of this website.