6 Month Transformational Programme


In 2016 I decided to start branching out from my osteopathy practice and started to work at a deeper level with many of my clients. 

After qualifying as an osteopath in 2001 and then adding professional coaching to my tool kit in 2006, I made an even bigger jump in 2013, when I started my training in Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy (BCST). Over the past couple of years I have started to combine these approaches and working with clients who want change not only on the physical level, but also in their mental, emotional and even spiritual lives. The effects of this work has been profound and life changing for many of my clients.

"With Andre’s support, down to earth sense of humour, and, most importantly, warm heart, I have been able to identify 'blocked' areas, which had hitherto been unconsciously impacting upon my quality of living, and slowly, to integrate and accept them.... the effect in my life can only be described as transformative!

I flow with ease and confidence at work, compared to how I used to, my personal relationships are more honest, open and fulfilling, my creative impulses are more fruitful." PS, Office Worker Sept 2017

The power from this work comes from looking at the different “levels” of being that all humans experience. 

Firstly we have the physical body, which is the levels that most medical intervention takes place at. The “language” of the body is pumping arteries and stretching muscles.

The next layer is the mental level - the level of mind. The “language” is thoughts and words we use to describe our existence and communicate to others.

The third layer is the emotional level, or the level of “soul”. The “language” of the soul is the imagery we see and the “myths” we all tell ourselves, for example - whether we see ourselves as heroes or victims in our own lives.

The final layer is the spiritual level. The “language” of spirit is the energetic connection between our own individual energetic system and the universe as one whole expression of consciousness. By working on all four levels, we can make changes at very deep levels.


"If you feel stuck, or bored with your conditioned beliefs then start this journey with Andre and you won’t look back. I am so grateful for his work and presence." NJ - Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

Want to know more? Then read on...


For the next few months I am looking for a handful of clients to join me on a very exciting and transformative journey. I am offering a six month programme to any of you who want to experience real change starting in early 2018. This could be change in your physical health, in your relationships or even in the work that you do.

The programme will consist of a couple of elements. Firstly there will be 12 "one on one" sessions with me. We will work with the body and mind using biodynamic therapy and coaching techniques. I also may integrate techniques from shamanic healing, trauma resolution and “felt sense” work - I have multiple ways of working through any issues that need addressing.

I envision this next few months to be life changing for those of you who want to make a major shift in your life. The biodynamic therapy and the coaching combined makes big shifts in energy systems and removes blockages powerfully - I have seen this daily in my practice.


"After a number of traumatic experiences over the previous 8 years I had tried a variety of techniques to manage my stress and catastrophic thinking like mindfulness, meditation and yoga but was struggling to get out of my head and back into my body.  Several months later after regular biodynamic/coaching sessions with Andre, I feel I am finally reconnecting, re-wiring and beginning to come out of my head and back into the world.  

At the same time as releasing the locked-in stresses in my body, Andre has challenged my thinking patterns and given me tools to maintain my well being.   And my sleep is improving week on week, which is what I have been crying out for most of my adult life.  Andre’s approach is unique and special, and I would recommend him to anyone.” JC, Director Accountancy Firm


So what exactly am I offering in the programme?


12 x 1 on 1 sessions with me - each session will be 90 minutes and we meet roughly every other week (this is completely flexible, but the idea is to get all 12 sessions within a six month period)

4 x 15 minute “razor” coaching sessions - for when you need a quick reframe or deeper understanding of something in between our normal sessions

You also have full email access to me throughout the programme - I don't want this to be one of those therapies where you have one session and then have wait for the next one, with no real way of asking questions or getting advice between sessions.  I intend for this to be fully supportive, allowing you to have access to me for when you have any questions about the work.

I will also provide learning resources and exercises in between sessions - we will work around thoughts, emotions and belief systems, as well as looking at old childhood patterns and areas where you might be “getting in your own way”. I will provide resources and guides for you to move fully into taking direct action to make lasting changes.


"I have been working with Andre for the last few months on a programme of coaching and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Having had quite a traumatic childhood and further issues as an adult I was left with a lot of anxiety and spent much time reliving events from the past. 

I now find myself living in the present with a joy for life, I have more confidence and I am rid of many habits that were once holding me back. Andre is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work, he has been very supportive and his work has made a huge difference to my life." TG, Mother and Nursery Teacher

So what’s the investment for the whole programme?

The programme is designed to be a five month transformative package. The cost is £3000 for the whole programme, split into a deposit of £1000 followed by four payments of £500 each month. However, should you wish to pay “upfront” then I do offer a substantial discount of £500, meaning the whole programme costs just £2500.

I do recognise that the investment may seem high to some of you, but in the past 12 months alone I have worked with clients:

  •  who have saved their marriages
  • who have more energy than in ten years
  • who have worked through years of grief
  • who have completely overhauled their attitude to their work
  • who have transformed their relationships to their children


And what price can you put on all of these changes? I have spent literally tens of thousands of pounds on my own development over the past fifteen years. I have also trained for more than fifteen years in multiple therapy modalities and have always put my own development right at the top of my priorities. I trust that each and every client will get significant value for their investment in my programmes. 

Want to find out whether the programme is right for you?

I suggest that anyone who is interested in joining the programme drop me an email and we can find a time to talk for an hour to see if this would be a good fit for you (and also whether I think we would work well together).

Drop me an email and we can take it from there - I only have a handful of spaces available at any time. 

I would love to welcome you onto this programme - I truly believe it will be a super powerful 6 months and I am certain it will be the best money you spend all year.


“In February 2017, I’d been living with debilitating symptoms due to several chronic auto-immune issues for well over two years. Traditional medicine had taken me only a tiny way towards what I would call any semblance of health and I was extremely disheartened and confused about what to do next or how to find a way forward.

One night I saw a post from Andre about Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy and coaching programme that he was running and without really understanding how this could help me, I immediately emailed him. The subject instantly fascinated me and I intuitively wanted to know more. I know now that this was the pivotal point in my quest to find someone that could help me on my journey to healing....and man, what a journey it would turn out to be! 

It is impossible to put into words what actually happens when you work with Andre; it’s something that is felt, not seen, and it’s revealed almost magically at exactly the right time in your journey with him.  Andre was always available to provide support after our sessions by email, which was so helpful during some intense periods of work. I think to achieve the highest and best results you have to really trust both in yourself and Andre - If you can do this and not question the process and let it flow you will be led to the best possible version of yourself.

Thanks to Andre and his skills as a healer and guide, I’m now living almost symptom free.  I feel lighter, calmer and have a renewed sense of optimism and joy about my future.  I have literally dropped a lifetime of baggage and don’t feel trapped by negativity or self doubt, which was previously crippling me.  I feel empowered, grounded and free to move forward to explore new experiences in life. I’ll be going back to see Andre periodically to help support me when I feel I need it because frankly, the rewards from this process have been life changing for me.

The financial investment I made in placing my faith in Andre is without a doubt the most important investment I have ever made in myself.  Trust me when I say this can and will change the way you see both yourself and life! Truly an experience I will never regret (or forget)." PL, Company Director


"Through the work Andre did with me throughout the programme he has taught me to examine my “feelings” and has helped release in body and mind, the blockages which were there. He was able to “listen through his hands” to the rhythms in my body and so initiate natural healing which I felt after each session. I could gradually see how the mind, body and spirit came together to give self healing. All this was a gradual process over all the sessions. 

I can thoroughly recommend Andre’s work. He has a mature but sympathetic and very quiet but understanding approach which gives one great confidence in what is going on with this therapy. He is willing to explain what it is about and how it works…and does so in a way which is very reassuring. He has helped me to get back my zest for life and has given me the skills to move forward and out of my trauma to a more balanced life. A big thank you Andre for enabling me to bring greater meaning to my life…… You have guided me to a better place where I am able to get on with life in a happy way." GL, Retired Civil Servant.